The CrazyThings I've Heard and Seen from Fish Store Customers

Okay, so first off, I love my customer base. We are fortunate to be in a city with a lot of cool people. And I understand we're all ignorant on subjects. But sometimes, you just hear or see some crazy things that make you pause.

1) I've heard this more than once while helping select saltwater fish, "Do they make this fish in a different color?"

What? Who exactly is "they" and how do you think fish are made?

2) Customer brought in recently purchased filter "My new canister filter I bought isn't working."

Opened the filter to find all the media still in it's plastic and cardboard packaging (smack my forehead with my hand). Why doesn't my ramen have flavor? Well sir, it's probably because that silver packet is still sealed and floating in your noodles.

3) "My clownfish died. I don't know why, my Oscar is doing just fine in the same tank." This one wasn't actually witnessed by myself, it was from my buddy, the previous owner. In the customer's defense, I...nope, I can't defend this.

4) "I can't believe you still sell Dory fish," as the customer asks for other fish to get bagged to take home.

How is the selling of one sustainably (or non-sustainably) wild caught fish okay over the other? Because the cartoon you just watched personified that blue fish but not the red one?

5) "Hi, I just bought this on Amazon but I can't figure out how to put it together. Can you help me?"

Yes, certainly. I often contact Amazon when I can't figure out how this equipment I bought from River City works.

What will tomorrow bring?